Week 12: 6th December, 2019

Year 4 Class Trip to StAlbans

Arriving at St Albans Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

St Albans Shrine

The Artefact Handling Session

The Roman Wall in Verulamium Park

Sandro and Lily (Flavia) dressed in a tunic and Freddie in a toga.

On Monday Year 4 visited St Albans by coach.  St Albans Cathedral is a great place to visit!  It has the longest nave in England, 85 metres long.  The history of St Albans Cathedral is rich and, over the centuries, this magnificent building has undergone several transformations.

As we stepped inside we found awe inspiring reminders of the Cathedral’s past.  We sat on the high altar admiring the beautiful sculpures  and noticed that the pulpit with a wooden carved eagle and the place where the choristers stand and sing.  We visited the Shrine of St Alban and were told about the shrine being destroyed by King Henry VIII.  St Alban was Britain’s first saint.

The Roman Wall of St Albans, which was built between AD 265 and 270 to defend the Roman city of Verulamium, can still be traced for most of its two-mile circuit. When it was built, the massive structure towered at a height of five metres protecting the fine city.  We had fun running up and down examining the wall and spotting the several layers of terracotta tiles.

We walked onto the Verulamium Museum which is filled with ancient treasures and some of the finest mosaics.  We enjoyed exploring the many interesting displays and artefacts and we participated in an artefact handling session.

We had a great day out!

This week we have also been thinking about good ways to prepare for Christmas. We’ve thought about what Christmas means and what we need to do to get ready. The children have prayed with reverence.

This Advent we, as a school, are supporting the:

Caritas Food Collective – Building Communities and Improving Lives.

Your child has been given a number (register number) and the item attached to that is what we ask for you to donate.  The children who are numbers 25 – 30 in the register have been asked to choose any star on the Advent Giving Calendar and donate their item to this appeal. Bring your star product into school next week to fill our class hamper. Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity.

Homework this week is:

  1.  prepare your costume for the Advent Service on Tuesday evening.
  2. Learn the words for the service (2 sheets have been sent home with your child).
  3. click on the link below to learn our class song:                                  Somewhere Out There
  4. The stars need to learn their dance:  Star Dance
  5. Children to bring into school an item for our class hamper in support of the Caritas Food Collective – Building Communities and Improving Lives.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Mrs McNamara