Reception Class- Autumn 2 Week 5

It’s been a very busy week rehearsing for next week’s Nativity performance. Thank you for providing your children with their base layers. Reception had a full dress rehearsal on Thursday, in front of Year One, Year Six and their siblings and they did really well. The children are now really looking forward to performing for you on Tuesday morning!

This week, the class have continued to explore and become familiar with Advent. They have been learning about the symbolism of the Advent wreath and the meaning of each candle. The children went on to create a large class wreath and made observational drawings of the school Advent wreath.

The whole school have been invited to enter a national art competition.  They were asked to create paintings about the Nativity. Here are some of our outstanding entries!

Finally, this afternoon we had two special visitors- Mrs Conyers and Mrs Turner from St John’s Nursery popped in to say hello to Reception. They were delighted by the children’s singing and acting, as they rehearsed the final part of the Nativity.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer