Summer 2 Week 2

What a fun, busy week! This week was Healthy Eating Week. The message was Eat well for you and the Planet! The five themes were focus on fibre, eat 5 a day, vary your protein, keep hydrated and reduce food waste. The children took part in different activities to understand the importance of healthy eating. We made different flavoured waters with lime, lemon, mint and strawberries. The children chose their favourite and made a bar chart to show the results. Our favourite was strawberry. The children have been drinking more water each day, I hope they continue at home. I was impressed with the exotic fruits that the children bought in and was amazed at how excited the children were to try new fruits. Then we made banana and blueberries muffins, they were full of fibre and they were delicious! Click here for photos. Healthy Eating Week 2022

On Tuesday, we had sports day. It was lovely to see the children supporting each other and enjoying each activity. Well done to St Bernadette for being the overall winners.

In our English lessons, the children have been comparing poems and identifying the patterns in poems. We analysed The Magic Box poem in preparation for writing our own. The children wrote expanded noun phrases to describe their favourite things. Thank you for the photos to support children with their learning.

In Maths, the children were adding fractions and solving problems involving fractions. We have also been practising the 4 times tables. Please continue to practise the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

In Computing, the children worked in groups to make a branching database by asking yes/no questions to sort different pictures.

Next week, there is a Year 3 mass on Wednesday 22nd June at 9.30am.

Please practise the songs on the links below.

Please send in a photograph of your child on their First Holy Communion Day by Monday 20th June.

Home Learning

Maths Maths chase, times tables rockstars

mathletics activities

Read Theory Complete 2 activities
Spellings Spelling Frame

actual, actually, accident, accidentally, business, caught, centre, century, certain, certainly, circle, disappear

Have a lovely weekend.

Happy Father’s Day!


Mrs Carey

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