Spring Term Week 3 Reception

What another busy week of learning Reception have had!

This week, the story focus has been ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The children have been very busy turning the fairy tale cottage into Grandma’s house. They have also been designing bags suitable for transporting a cake to Grandma, drawing maps of the forest, writing lists of items to make Grandmas feel better and writing own versions of the story. The children were also challenged to independently make a free standing tree! We had some fantastic creations in class!

After Tuesday night’s snowfall, the children were keen to get outside on Wednesday morning. They were excited to see tracks left in the snow from different wild animals and the mud kitchen became the snow kitchen for the day!

On Thursday, Reception welcomed a very important visitor to the class- Bishop John Sherrington. The children learnt about the different vestments that he wears and the religious objects that he carries, such as the crosier. They shared their learning with him and sang their favourite song, Yellow Bird.

Friday’s PE lesson built on last week’s learning and the children had lots of fun working together to perform group balances to the rest of the class.

*Reception will be doing their very first assembly on Friday 15th February at 9.15am. Please join us!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer

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  1. Gemma Adams
    Gemma Adams says:

    Oh the snow looks like such fun! Phoebe and Sofia have been so excited about their first assembly. Can’t wait to see it x


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