Week 4

Another fun week! In Literacy we have been learning about instructions. We followed instructions to make a jam sandwich and gave our partners instructions. Then we wrote the instructions to help others to make a jam sandwich. The children loved making and eating the sandwiches!

In Numeracy we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones using different resources.

In Science we did an investigation to see what happened to different foods when we heated them. We made great predictions and described the changes using wonderful vocabulary.

In Geography, we have been learning about the Arctic. We located it on a map. We researched information on the iPads and we looked at the types of animals that would be there. We also thought about the clothes we would need to take in our suitcase.

Mr Cicco is leaving us today. The children have thoroughly enjoyed having him in the class and have learnt a lot from him. We wish him luck in his training.

On Friday we had a great day playing in the snow!


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Carey


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