Friday 15th May Learning

Good morning Year 1. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I have loved looking at the photos of your learning.

Here is your learning today.

PE Olympics Challenge



Watch the video on Add equal Groups then do the activity sheet. Write your answers in your

Maths book or on the sheet.

Friday Maths

English Copy these sentences into your writing book in your best handwriting.

Choose a conjunction for each sentence.        and      or      but     so


1. I went to bed very late ___________________ I am tired today.

2. I listened to the weather forecast ___________________ put an umbrella in my bag.

3. I enjoy playing hockey ___________________ it’s not my favourite sport.

4. We could go to the park ___________________ to the cinema.

Now write a sentence with the conjunction because and a sentence with the conjunction then.



Letters and Sounds lesson at 10.30am for Year 1  – Today’s sound is ou


If your child would like to revise the Phase 3 sounds – 10.00am

 Reading Read for 10 minutes. Write two sentences in your reading record about the book.
Handwriting Write your spellings four times each in your handwriting book. Choose one word and write a sentence.
RE Read the story of Pentecost again and complete a storyboard of pictures and sentences for

each part of the story.



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