Autumn 2 Week 7

Our final week of the term has been jam-packed with entertainment! On Monday, we were treated to a KS2 music concert. I was so impressed with the quality of the performances and it shows the hard work and dedication the children put in during their spare time. Well done to all performers. Then on Tuesday, we watched the pantomime at the Wyllyotts theatre. It was great fun and the children acted as fantastic role models for the Year 1 children they walked to the theatre with. Wednesday was our annual talent show at Pope Paul. We had a lot of acts to choose from and we were represented by signing and comedy acts. Well done to all children who auditioned and those that took part. Wednesday was also our Christmas lunch day and we enjoyed a delicious meal together.

Thank you all for your generous cards and gifts. It has been a pleasure working with you  and your children this term.I wish you a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year.


Mrs Lines