Friday 2nd December, 2022

This week in Year 6 we have been busy with not only their learning but practising for the Advent Service which Year 6 have a lead role in.  We have been down to the church this week to practice our parts and solos and the children are refining their roles to ensure that this special event goes well. Well done to those children who have learnt their words by heart either for their singing or their reading part.

In English, the children have  learnt about the subjunctive form and are deep into the end of their writing unit based on the animated version of Alma.  In Maths they have continued their work on fractions and  problem solving. In Science, the children have explored shadows and have developed their understanding of their movement. In RE, the children have been enthusiastic in focusing on the Jesse Tree and have been adding a bauble each day to the school and class Jesse Tree.  The Jesse Tree is a bit like an Advent calendar, but using a daily Bible story about someone in Jesus’ family tree to help children prepare spiritually as they move towards Christmas. We have also spent time as a class discussing the children’s understanding of the story of the birth of Jesus before we examine the Gospels of Luke and Matthew in our next lesson.  In French, the children were introduced to the eight points of a compass and have practised forming sentences to describe towns in relation to where they are from each other.

This week our choir members went along to do carol singing and they were complimented by the people who listened to them and watched them.  We also welcomed the Bishop John Sherrington on Thursday to our school.  Our liturgy leaders greeted him when he arrived and he visited our class to chat with them about his role as bishop and to answer the many interesting questions that the children asked him.  Well done to Kian, Elle, Arthur, VJ, Ela-Maria, Oskar and Violet who stood up and posed their question.


Today, mad hair day, the children came in proud styles that have not only been admired by their peers but by the rest of the children in the school.


A BIG thank you for those of you who have already sent in items for the class hamper; the collection is still carrying on so if you can, please send in a blue item to contribute to the raffle for FOPPS.

The home learning is mentioned below.  Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend as we move into the second week of advent.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines



If your child is one of the people listed below in the Advent service, please can they bring into school black trousers/leggings and a black top (short or long sleeved) .  If they wish to bring in further props for their part, please ensure that they are in a bag clearly marked with their name.  If your child is: Mary or a Star, please can they wear a white top and white leggings/trousers.  Thank you you.

ROLES for the Advent Service:   Joseph, Herod, Wisemen, Chief Priest, Teacher, children who hold the stable prop. 

Home Learning :

Please practice your Advent Service song lyrics, your own lines or lyrics if you are singing a solo.

Spelling– please use  your Edshed account to practice this week’s spelling words.

Times tables– please log onto your TTRs Account and spend 20 minutes practicing your facts.

Mathletics:  log onto your account to complete the work set for you this week.

SPaG– Activity set on


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