Year 6 – Monday 18th May learning

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, Year 6. At the end of last week was Evie’s birthday, for which she made a delicious cake by the looks of things!

Mikey has made an incredible model of an F1 car out of cardboard!

Now let’s see who has won last week’s online learning competition!

Readtheory: 1st Matthew A, 2nd Liam, 3rd Luca

Prodigy: 1st Matthew A

Duolingo: 1st Alex, 2nd Luka, 3rd Evie

Well done!

This week is Spirituality Week, one of the most special weeks in our school year. Please make sure you take part the daily activities that have been prepared for you.

Subject Activity
Prayer As today marks the beginning of Spirituality Week, please go over to today’s Spirituality blog here.
PE Break a sweat whilst learning how to dance the Jive! Follow this lesson with Strictly star Oti Mabuse and have fun.

Handwriting Follow the powerpoint here to learn about this week’s spellings, ensuring you copy them into your handwriting book.
Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT calculate angles in quadrilaterals.

Here is the video for today’s maths lesson:

Open the questions here and the answers here.

RE WALT reflect upon the presence of the Holy Spirit in the natural world.

 Yesterday, when I was out walking in the woods and could hear the birds tweeting around me, could see the trees reaching high above me and could feel the fresh spring breeze blowing past me, I was reminded of a book I used to love as a child. In today’s lesson, you will hear me reading the story to you as it fits in perfectly with today’s Spirituality Week theme: The God Who Speaks Through Creation.

  • What did the grandad teach the boy about prayer?
  • How did the grandad teach the boy about prayer?

Listen to the next part of the lesson here.

Your task:

Choose a person you know and an outdoor place that you associate with that person. Create a representation of that place (eg photo, painting, drawing…). Write a reflection about the person you have chosen and why the place is special to the person. How is the Holy Spirit present to you in this special place? How does this place make you close to your chosen person?

Science WALT investigate the effects of air pressure.

Click on this link, then scroll down to the Age 9-11 section to learn about air pressure with a fun experiment. Let me know the maximum amount of water you managed to get in the glass.

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