Year 6 – Thursday 30th April learning

Good morning Year 6, and welcome to Thursday.

Giovanna and Taanya sent me their bluebell drawings yesterday. They’re beautiful – thank you.

I was delighted to receive lots of photos showing Oliwia’s learning so far. Keep it up!

Meanwhile, Asher has been practising piano and preparing a wonderful act of worship for those in school. Well done!

Here are Thursday’s lessons:

Subject Activity
Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Spelling Play with family members: Word Wager


1.                Put this week’s words into an envelope/wallet.

2.                Share the tokens (could be anything – beads, buttons, stones) equally between the group.

3.                One person in the group will be the caller, and will read a word for you to spell.

4.                If you think you are able to spell it, bet as many tokens as you like.

5.                If you’re not sure, you can sit out of that round but you still have to pay the pot one token.

6.                Betting players write the word down.

7.                Those who spell it correctly divide the pot equally.


Reminder of this week’s spellings:











Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.

Find the powerpoint on clauses and conjunctions here.

Times Tables
Maths WALT calculate ratio.


Arithmetic starter:

1.      749.15 + 96.3 =

2.      _______ = 74,810 – 1,478

3.      190 x 38 =

4.      6,432 ÷ 3 =

5.      ______ = 109 ÷ 100

6.      List 3 multiples of 19.


Here is today’s maths lesson:

Questions for today are here, and the answers are here.

RE WALT explain why we honour Mary.


Click here for today’s learning.

Computing Childnet Film Competition 2020


How is your film coming along? Use this time to continue to plan, sequence, shoot and edit your film.

To go back to the detailed instructions that were posted before the holidays, visit:


Do let me know how yours is progressing.

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  1. Asher
    Asher says:

    I forgot a comma let me do it again

    Miss Donatantonio, Jack Liam and I did a short little trailer how should I sent it to you? Is mail alright?


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