Week 3: 13th March

To celebrate Science Week, the children have embraced the concept of dunking biscuits with enthusiasm and to see more about what they got up to, click on the link below.

Science Week Celebration Morning final

We met Vicky Dearing, a lady scientist.  It was really interesting to find out about her work on DNA.

Our brainstorming of ideas for possible experiments to carry out.

Doing our experiment! 

Showing our experiment to Mrs Jane Goring, the RE Lead Inspector from the Westminster Diocese who visited our classroom on Wednesday.

Each morning the have had an explorify activity to examine, discuss and feel that these have tested us on our skills of observation and questioning.  It was lovely to see many of you this morning having a go at Creating a Tree for the Set-point challenge which has come from Hertfordshire.

I will send off the photos of the children’s designs and see what awaits us!



In Computing the children have continued with their work on Scratch, developing their understanding of how to programme a sprite to meet another sprite and change colour!

In PE with Coach Duggan this afternoon, the class continued to look at fitness.  We had some very capable children doing five strides very capably!



Mathletics – work on Perimeter

Practise the 7 and 8 timestables.  Use these links to assist you:



Reading: please read for at least 15 minutes a day and update your reading log.

Spellings:    Prefixes ‘anti’ and ‘inter’

international, interrupt, intercept, intervene, interject, antidote, antibiotic, anticlockwise, antiseptic, anti-climax


Have a lovely weekend.

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