Summer 2 Week 1

During the first week back, we have learnt how to calculate area. We began with recliner shapes and even managed to find a break in the rain on Tuesday afternoon to measure some of the playground. We were then able to calculate the area of places like the peace garden and the netball court.

In English, we have finished our Odysseus adventures and are now writing them up in neat. Year 5 have created some wonderful pieces that showcase all of the skills they have learnt this year, well done, Year 5!

In RE we have been discussing Pentecost. We looked at the Jewish festival of Shavu’ot, which is also known as Pentecost, yet it is a very different celebration. We were very lucky that Michael, our seminarian, was able to join us for a prayer session based on Pentecost.

Today the wet weather kept us indoors fro PE. This week, Coach Dugan helped us improve our athletic abilities in jumping, throwing and general fitness.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you at the carnival.


Mrs Lines