Summer 1 week 4

It has all been about Ancient Egypt this week in Y3. We have made Egyptian jewellery, painted Egyptian sunsets, learnt about mummification and the River Nile and finished the first stage of our Egyptian plates. After half term we will be making canopic jars – if you have any pringle tubes in your recycling bin please send them into school. Thank you.

My prayers are with Joseph, Lola, William P, Elena, Aidan, Nichola, Dorian and Johnny-Mac this weekend, as they make their first Holy Communion.

Home learning: 

       1. Spelling –

Summer 1, week 5:  Words with a short /u/ sound spelt with ‘o’

woman, wonder, mother, brother, another, month, govern, discover, Monday, shovel, above, money.

 2. activities have been set.

3. Maths – please practice doubling and halving two digit numbers in preparation for next weeks maths focus. You can find supporting activities on the free app ‘hit the button’ or on mathletics.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss Pringle