Spring 2 Week 4

Our caterpillars are growing and have nearly formed a chrysalis. The children enjoyed observing the changes.


In PE we have been practicing throwing and catching a ball.

Home Learning – With a ball count how many catches you can do with a partner in 1 minute.

Spellings – short, born, morning, more, score, before, saw, crawl, yawn, August, author, dinosaur

Practise saying the months of the year. Ask questions – What month comes before August? What month comes after March?

In Design and Technology the children designed and made a swing or a chair for the old man in the tin forest. We made links with Geography and field study work by observing the physical and human features in our playground.


I will update the blog each morning with learning for that day. I have given children a handwriting book, a maths book, a writing book and an Art book.

Hope you all stay well!

Mrs Carey