Reception Class Week Beginning 18.10.21

This week, Reception have been participating in One World Week, alongside the rest of the school. To start the week off, the class reflected and responded to the school’s big question, ‘Who does the world belong to?’ This led to a very interesting discussion, with answers ranging from ‘It belongs to God, because he made it’ to ‘It belongs to my daddy’.

We then thought about how water connects the whole world together, by looking at globes and maps. We also learnt how every living thing on the planet requires water to survive. The children were brilliant and listing all the different things that are made from water such as: tears, sweat, rivers, icebergs, oceans, rain, snow, streams, ponds, lakes, dew. Reception thought about how they could themselves conserve water, by turning off taps when they brush their teeth, having a shallow bath instead of a deep bath, or better still by taking a short shower and by using rain water collected in water butts to water plants.

Continuing with the water theme, Reception also focussed on the bible story Noah’s Ark. The had lots of fun construction their own large and small multi-media arks, making rain makers and rescuing animals from inside ice! The children also used their new phonic knowledge to write about the animals inside Noah’s Ark.

Today, Reception had a very special visitor- Father Shaun came in to teach the children about the Sacrament of Baptism, using role play. The class treated Father Shaun to a rendition of a new song they have been learning ‘My Hands Are Yours’ and they also showed him how they have learnt the school’s Mission Prayer; he was very impressed!

This afternoon, Reception joined Year 6 in a very special Act of Worship, to mark the end of One World Week. Well done to Beau, Lola, Nichola and Cian who led the two classes so well!

Wishing you all a very happy and restful half term break.

See you all on Tuesday 2nd November,

The Reception Team


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