Home Olympics Please complete day 4 (a plank challenge) of the Pope Paul Home School Olympics and keep a record of your time. There is an activity set for you to complete tomorrow too (speed bounce). I look forward to hearing how well you are doing.


Spelling/ handwriting 



As this is a four day school week, please ask someone to help you revise this week’s spelling list in the morning and then test you in the afternoon.

Remember to put the short date in your writing book and the numbers 1- 10 in the margin. Give yourself a percentage out of 100 just as we do in class. Good luck.

10/10 = 100%      9/10 = 90 %




Here are the answers to yesterday’s learning correct the tence answers wk3

I have set you two SPAG.com activities on verb tenses.



Visit this website https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html

and explore their free books. Remember to record what you have read.



I have set you some shape activities on Mathletics.

A diagonal is any line that goes between the corners of a polygon. So a square has two diagonals. A right angle is 90 ˚ and can be found in the corners of a square or rectangle.

History / PE


The Lindy Hop was a popular dance in the 1940s and as I know some of you are having VE day parties in your gardens I thought it might be fun to learn some of the steps.


Here is a tutorial and two videos of people dancing the Lindy Hop.







Dance party in the 1940s – KS2 Music – BBC Bitesize

We attend a dance in a church hall in the 1940s. The live band is playing jazz. Energetic, athletic and full of fun, the Lindy Hop evolved with the jazz music of the time.




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