Year 6 – 13/12/19

First of all, well done Year 6 for your fantastic participation in Tuesday’s Advent Service. You led it so beautifully and were a credit to the school.

In RE this week, we have focused on Matthew’s message of the Incarnation in his account of the nativity. On Wednesday, the children carried this message into writing their own words to songs that we have sung in our Advent Service over the past couple of years. We will be recording some of them next week, so stay tuned to hear those!

Our art topic this term has seen the children producing self-portraits in a variety of media. This week, they had a go at drawing other people, paying particular attention to shape and figure. See if you can guess who some of these familiar faces are!

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 17th December) is as follows:

English -> KS2 SATs Grammar Test (A)
Spellings suggest




lightning (lightning flashed across the sky)

lightening (the sky was slowly lightening as the sun came up)






Times tables

Questions on multiples, factors and primes:

·         CGP Year 6 book p. 15

·         CGP Year 5 book pp. 18-19


Continue to revise all times tables.

Reading Daily reading and recording in Reading Records.


How to complete your reading record

As you’re reading, take notice of the language used then. When you’ve finished reading, choose an aspect of language that you really liked, write it into your reading record, and then explain why you found it effective.

Things you might comment on:

·         Effective use of personification;

·         An effective metaphor;

·         An example of ‘show don’t tell’ ;

·         Good use of the semi-colon;

·         Hyphenation;

·         Direct speech that develops the characterisation;

·         Formal language;

A new word whose meaning you worked out from the context.

Have a joyful weekend.

Miss Donatantonio