Reception Class Week 10

This week, Reception have been participating in National Anti-Bullying Week.

The theme this year was ‘All Different, All Equal’ and the class have spent a lot of time celebrating what makes us unique.


We used the book ‘The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue’ to explore different types of bullying. In the story, a little striped fish is left out because he looks different to the other fish. This was a great way to start talking about what bullying is, in a way the children could understand and relate to.

This is what some of the children said about bullying…


“A person who keeps biting you all the time is being a bully. That is not good. I will never, ever be a bully. No way.”


“A bully person always says to another person, ‘I’m going to fight you!’ and they just keep on fighting everyone all the time.”


“A bully will leave you out and not share.”


“A bully is a mean person. They fight people all the time. They make people sad all the time. I don’t like bullies.”


“A bully goes around pushing kids all the time. It is a really bad thing.”


“Bullying is things like always biting or hurting the same boy all the time. It is very unkind.”


“If someone is hurting you at school, you need to tell the teacher.”


“Bullies make people sad. They make children cry. It is not kind.”

Sometimes bullies call you bad names. You are not allowed to do that. You need to tell your mummy or you should tell your teacher.”

Mrs Theo was on a first aid course for two days this week, and so Reception Class had our Modern Foreign Languages leader, Mrs Moccia. She took the opportunity to speak some French with the class, alongside the French student visiting our class this week!

Next week, we will be focussing our learning around the book, Traction Man by Mini Grey, as well as rehearsing for our fast approaching class nativity.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team.