Year 4 has had another busy week. The children have learnt how to use ‘Book Creator’ to record their ideas, speech and photos. They have used that knowledge to create beautiful documents explaining their understanding of the Stations of the Cross.

In Science, the children have conducted practical investigations about gases. Their favourite was to make gas using water and effervescent tablets and then catch that using a  balloon! The children could see the gas created as their flat balloons suddenly inflated.

The class have also immersed themselves in a new art form, called Zentangle. It uses a particular technique of drawing parallel, straight and curved lines, to fill small pre-designed spaces. The children created beautiful pictures.

The children have had their weekly violin lesson and their repertoire of songs is getting larger over  the weeks.

Finally, on Friday, the class took part in the school’s first Lenten charity event selling and buying toys and books.

Thank you very much for your contributions in supporting the charities we have chosen this Lent.

Have a nice weekend!


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