Year 6 – Wednesday 20th May learning

Subject Activity
Prayer Click here to go to today’s Spirituality Week blog.
PE WALT develop our hand-eye coordination.

Follow the link for today’s PE challenge. Let me know what your personal best is!

Handwriting Copy these sentences containing this week’s spellings 6-10 into your handwriting book:

1.                “Sophie, are you awake?” whispered Molly.

2.                He murmured the instructions softly; I couldn’t make out what he wanted me to do.

3.                As the finish line came into view, Jason breathed a sigh of relief.

4.                She sighed, remembering how strong-willed her father was.

5.                “What is wrong with me?” he muttered, furious at himself.

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT solve a range of problems.

Here is today’s maths video.

Find the questions here and the answers here.

French I have set two new assignments on
History WALT make connections and draw contrast in different periods of local history.

In the powerpoint below, you will find a variety of historical photos of Potters Bar. See if you can work out where they are and try and visit them on your walks in the coming week. Take equivalent photos of how these places look today, then write some comparisons about what is the same and what is different.

Click here for the powerpoint.


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