Year 6 – Thursday 2nd April learning

Good morning. We’re fast approaching the end of Week 2, and so at the halfway stage this week, let’s look at the leaderboard.

Readtheory: 1st Giovanna, 2nd Mikey, 3rd Maks

Prodigy: 1st Elysia, 2nd Jude, 3rd Matthew A

Duolingo: 1st Alex, 2nd William, 3rd Louise

I’ll post at the end of Friday who the winners are for the week, so you have 2 days to climb the leaderboard!

Maks sent a photo of his completed maths maze from yesterday’s maths learning. Excellent, Maks – those are some very tiny fractions you’ve worked out there!

Louise has been busy baking banana bread; it looks very enticing and has given me cake cravings! Well done, Louise.

Subject Activity
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Prayer Visit and reflect on today’s Bible verse and message.
Spelling Play with family members: Word Wager


1.                   Put this week’s words into an envelope/wallet.

2.                   Share the tokens (could be anything – beads, buttons, stones) equally between the group.

3.                   One person in the group will be the caller, and will read a word for you to spell.

4.                   If you think you are able to spell it, bet as many tokens as you like.

5.                   If you’re not sure, you can sit out of that round but you still have to pay the pot one token.

6.                   Betting players write the word down.

7.                   Those who spell it correctly divide the pot equally.


Reminder of this week’s spellings:











Reading 15 minutes of

Here’s the leaderboard so far this week: Giovanna, Maks and Nick. What will it look like at the end of the week?

English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT apply multiplication of fractions in a range of contexts.


Arithmetic starter:

1.       132.9 + 45.21 =

2.       _______ = 91,256 – 6,716

3.       194 x 49 =

4.       45,781 ÷ 5 =

5.       ______ = 19.65 ÷ 100


Click here to open today’s maths lesson.

RE WALT demonstrate our understanding of the events of Good Friday.

 Click here for today’s learning with an art focus.

EXT: could you paint your own depiction of this scene? If you do, it would be great if you could accompany it with a caption explaining your artistic choices.

Computing Childnet Film Competition 2020

The competition is now open! Since last week, Childnet have released packs to give more information about the competition and to help you to plan and make your film.

You can decide whether you enter into the Solo or Group category. All details can be found at but here are the vital documents you need to read or complete:

Film Comp 2020 – Entry Form – Solo Category

Film Comp 2020 – FAQs – Solo Category

Film Comp 2020 – Terms & Conditions – Solo Category

Film Comp 2020 – Entry Form – Group Category

Film Comp 2020 – FAQs – Group Category

Film Comp 2020 – Terms and Conditions – Group Category

Film Comp 2020 – Understanding the Theme Activities

Film Comp 2020 – Planning Sheet

Film Comp 2020 – Storyboard Template

Film Comp 2020 – Film Script Template

Film Comp 2020 – How To Film – Top Tips

Film Comp 2020 – IMPORTANT Information on Copyright

Film Comp 2020 Media Consent

Take your time with this: the deadline isn’t until Monday 22nd June, so you have plenty of time to work on it. I’d love to see your ideas as you work on it over the coming weeks. Let’s have a winner from Year 6 Pope Paul!

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