Year 6 – Thursday 11th June learning

Subject Activity
Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
PE Miss Pringle has put together a timetable of activities for you to do each day in June, with different levels of challenge. Open it here. You’ll see that there are also tasks and activities to do at the weekend, so do have a go at those too.
Handwriting Visit—a-to-av- and click on ‘Practice/Test’ followed by ‘Begin Practice’.
Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT substitute values into simple expressions.

Here is the video for today’s maths lesson:

Open the questions here and the answers here.

Wellbeing Week

Thursday – Take Notice (all about listening, observing and reflecting)

Open your eyes On today’s daily walk, take photos of things you find beautiful or inspiring. When you get home, could you make a collage of your photos?
Listen to a song Listen to ‘Together’ by Sia and close your eyes. Think about the lyrics. What is the message of the song? What can you take from it?

Look at a piece of art

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte — Georges Seurat (1884)

·         What colours has the artist used?

·         What details can you see when looking closely?

·         Is there any symbolism that you recognise?

·         Do you like the art?

·         What do you think the artist is trying to show?

·         Can you try and recreate it?

Sit outside for 5 minutes Close your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing and the sounds you can hear.
Eat a raisin mindfully ·         Pick it up, noticing how it feels in your hand.

·         Look at it carefully. See the shapes and think about the changes it has been through.

·         Feel it and describe the texture to yourself.

·         Smell it. Does it remind you of anything?

·         Think about how it feels on your tongue.

·         Chew it. How does the texture and taste change?

Nature art Collect bits of nature from your walk today (stones, seeds, feathers, moss, leaves, twigs, petals, grasses) and make a collage with them when you get home.
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