Year 6 – One World Week

Happy Harvest Festival! Our Fairtrade Group led us in an act of worship this morning, in which the class brought forward their generous donations of food. Also this week, the Liturgy Group has been leading us the Rosary.

For One World Week, Year 6 has been finding out all about the Democratic Republic of Congo. We learnt about its devastating colonial past under Belgian rule, and the chaos that has ensued in the central African country since 1960. Through the means of role-play, we learnt about Mobutu’s kleptocratic dictatorship, and through music and dance we appreciated the escapism this provided for the oppressed civilians in the 1980s.

Dancing the kwasa kwasa:

Here is the tutorial we followed:

Performing their own rhythms to soukous music

Here is the full original track:

Also this week, the children learnt how to punch in karate:

In this week’s wellbeing session, we made Guatemalan worry dolls:

Thank you for working so hard in your first half term in Year 6. I look forward to reading your completed River Story narratives and I wish you a restful and enjoyable week off.

Miss Donatantonio 😊


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