Year 6 – Monday 4th May learning

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Subject Activity
Miss Pringle’s Home Olympic Challenge For the next two weeks, Miss Pringle is going to be giving you a daily challenge!

Here is today’s challenge:

Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
PE In the theme of VE Day, I would like you to learn and practise the Lambeth Walk. The Lambeth Walk is a walking style of dance that was very popular just before, and then during, World War II. The song Doin’ the Lambeth Walk and dance first featured in the 1937 British musical, ‘Me and My Girl’, which was turned into a film, ‘Lambeth Walk’, in 1939. Learn it with someone in your house, put on your finest Cockney strut, and have fun!

It would be fantastic to see videos of your Lambeth Walks.

Find the demonstration here:

Find the tutorial here:

Handwriting This week’s spellings are on the theme of VE Day. Copy them into your handwriting books:

1.      liberation

2.      surrender

3.      defeat

4.      victory

5.      celebration

6.      conclusion

7.      address

8.      rejoice

9.      relief

10.   courage

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.

The powerpoint for the story of Eric by Shaun Tan is here.

Times Tables
Maths WALT calculate scale factors.


Fluency starter:

  1. 74,579 + 9,706 =
  2. _______ = 77.3 – 7.86
  3. 19 x 35 =
  4. 4,686 ÷ 33 =
  5. ______ = 0.27 x 100
  6. A square has a side that is 12m. What is its perimeter?


Here is today’s maths video.

Here are the questions.

Here are the answers.

History WALT analyse and evaluate a primary source as evidence to develop an informed interpretation.


Watch this video which shows Sir Winston Churchill announcing the end of WWII on 8th May 1945, and subsequent celebrations in London.

Look at this photograph.

  • What can you see?
  • What is happening?
  • How are people feeling?
  • Would we see this happening today? Why/why not?
  • What doesn’t the picture tell you?
  • Do you notice anything strange about the picture? Is anyone missing?
  • What questions do you have?
  • If you could talk to someone in the picture, what would you ask and why?

Extension: Find an image that you think represents VE Day the best, explaining why.

It would be great to see some of your responses, so please email me what you think.

Science WALT investigate the properties of different materials.