Year 6 – Monday 20th April learning

Welcome back, Year 6! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful couple of weeks with your families. Let me know of any exciting activities you’ve been doing at home!

Evie emailed to say that she had managed to find the hidden second pillbox in the golf course, and Taanya’s been making her very own pizza dough!

It has been great to see that some of you have been doing some online learning over the holidays.

For ReadTheory, the standings are: 1st Liam, 2nd Mikey, 3rd Jude

Prodigy: 1st Jude, 2nd Liam

Duolingo: 1st Liam, 2nd Alex, 3rd Evie

I’ll do another leaderboard on Thursday morning!

Here is your learning for today:

Subject Activity
Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Handwriting Copy this week’s spellings into your handwriting book:

Words from the Y5 & Y6 Statutory Spelling List











Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT understand the relationship between fractions and division.


Arithmetic starter:

1.       27,919 + 12,800 =

2.       _______ = 45.7 – 5.99

3.       35 x 13 =

4.       6,608 ÷ 14 =

5.       ______ = 12.3 x 100

6.       List 3 multiples of 12.


Click here to open today’s maths lesson.

RE WALT explain our belief in the Resurrection.


Click here for today’s RE lesson.

Science WALT describe an organism’s adaptations for survival.


Watch this episode of Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough:


Choose 2 organisms (plant or animal) and write a paragraph explaining how its adaptations help it to survive in its environment. Ensure you include the following key words (research and revise them if you need to):

·        Survival

·        Species

·        Organism

·        Environment

·        Evolution

4 replies
  1. Luca
    Luca says:

    Hello Miss Donotantonio and Y6
    Hope you enjoyed your Easter break. I really enjoyed doing the maths today, also the science.

    • Margaret Joyce
      Margaret Joyce says:

      Hi Luca,
      I had a lovely Easter break thank you – I hope you and your family did too. Really pleased to hear that you enjoyed yesterday’s maths and science learning; which animals did you choose to write about in the science?
      Miss Donatantonio

  2. Mikey
    Mikey says:

    Hello Miss Donatantonio,
    My English and writing book is on to its last page.should I get a piece of paper and write on that.
    Kind regards Mikey

    • Margaret Joyce
      Margaret Joyce says:

      Hi Mikey,
      Yes that’s not a problem; any paper/notebook is fine. Glad to hear you’ve been filling your book with lots of learning!
      Miss Donatantonio


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