Year 6 – Monday 1st June learning

Good morning, Year 6, and welcome to another new half term! I am so happy that I will be seeing most of you over the next few days to welcome you back to school for the final 7 weeks of the year.

As has been explained in the letters from Mrs Heymoz, learning will continue to be posted on the blogs, so that those at home and at school will have access the same tasks. There will be a slight change, however, to the format from the past 10 weeks. I will be posting daily maths, English and spelling tasks on this blog, and I will then direct you to a broader curriculum post for you to choose from several activities.

A celebration blog will go out every Friday, featuring photos of your learning from the entire week, so don’t think I’m ignoring you if your photo isn’t posted the day after you send it to me!

Have a lovely day, enjoy your learning, and I’ll see some of you tomorrow 😊

Subject Activity
Prayer Visit and click on ‘Start your retreat’ for a short daily reflection.
PE Miss Pringle has put together a timetable of activities for you to do each day in June, with different levels of challenge. Open it here. You’ll see that there are also tasks and activities to do at the weekend, so do have a go at those too.
Handwriting Visit—a-to-av- to find this week’s words. Click ‘view words’ then copy into your handwriting book.
Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.

Find the accompanying powerpoint here.

Times Tables
Maths WALT multiply fractions by integers.

Here is the video for today’s maths lesson:

Open the questions here and the answers here.

RE Click here to find your RE learning.
Curriculum Find this week’s blog post for the wider curriculum here.
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