Year 6 Home learning 4.7.24

Dear Year 6,

As discussed yesterday, please reflect on the year gone by and write a letter of advice and reassurance to the current Year 5 as they prepare to transition into Year 6 next term.

You may wish to:

  • Consider all the things that you felt worried about this time last year and address these in your letter
  • Tell the children about the different leadership roles within Year 6
  • Explain how to be an outstanding and supportive role model to their Reception reading partner
  • Write about the transition process you are going through to prepare for secondary school
  • Tell them all about your wonderful experiences at PGL- include tips about coping with being home sick, tell them about the exciting activities, about sharing a room with friends, and the delicious food!
  • Explain what you did to prepare for SATs
  • Anything else you think with help them!

These letters will be given to Year 5 on Friday, so remember to bring them into school with you!

In the afternoon, explore the question ‘Is Fairtrade fair?

Research extensively about Fairtrade and try to:

  • Explain what Fairtrade is
  • Compare and contrast the situation of Fairtrade-certified farmers with that of non-Fairtrade producers
  • Explain the benefits to be gained from Fairtrade certification.

Present this research in any way that you want to.

See you all tomorrow!

Ms Pemberton