Year 6 – 30/04/21

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week. In Maths, they took a set of test papers (1x arithmetic plus 2x reasoning papers) and showed great stamina and focus in these. In English, they have explored writing tools that evoke fear in the reader; next week, they will plan, draft and edit their own tale of fear. In RE, the children rose to the challenge of writing essays about people’s different reactions to Jesus’ resurrection and what we can learn from this.

In Science, the children became palaeontologists and studied a selection of fossils, trying to work out what organism the fossil once was. They learned about the process by which the remains of an organism becomes a fossil and is eventually uncovered hundreds of millions of years later.

In Geography with Mrs McDonald, Year 6 continued to learn about Britain’s national parks, whilst in Wellbeing, we had our second session in the 10-week Positive Minds programme led by Watford FC. The programme explores mental health and will prepare them for moving to secondary school later this year.

In PE, we continued with our striking and fielding topic, this week benefitting from a cricket lesson taught by James from Chance to Shine – a national charity that raises the profile of cricket in schools and communities. The children loved the lesson which allowed them to further practise their catching and throwing, as well as using a cricket bat. Thank you Miss Pringle for organising this.

Finally, the children ended the week with their Reception learning partners. They asked them a few questions to get to know them, then kicked the ball to each other. Some Receptions really gave their Y6 partners a run for their money with their kicking skills!

For next week’s science lesson, please could you bring in a photo (or email it to me or bring in a USB) of you with your family, so that we can look at resemblance and inherited characteristics.

Enjoy the long weekend, and see you on Tuesday in your summer uniforms!

Miss Donatantonio

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