Year 6 – 29/09/17

It has been a particularly special week for the children of Pope Paul, as we celebrated the feast day of one of our school saints: Saint Vincent de Paul. Well done to all those in Year 6 who took part in Wednesday evening’s mass; you set a wonderful example to all.

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited Potters Bar Museum to hear about our town during the Second World War. It was fascinating to hear 88-year-old Terry’s memoirs as a child during the war, especially those about when he would look for shrapnel and unexploded incendiary bombs after an air raid. We were all surprised to hear that they only had to go to school for about 2 hours a day because of the lack of teachers, and the children especially enjoyed passing around the empty shells and trying on tin helmets worn by the Home Guard.

DSC09704 DSC09709 DSC09712 DSC09714 DSC09720

The children showed great teamwork this week in Science by investigating the effect the number of batteries has on the brightness of a lamp.

DSC09730 DSC09733 DSC09740 DSC09748 DSC09751 DSC09753 DSC09757

Our Fairtrade Leaders represented the school on Friday morning by going down to the church to assist with the Macmillan Coffee morning that was taking place there. Well done!

IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0014

In other news, look how well our Dig For Victory seedlings are growing, 2 weeks after sowing!


Here are some final photos of Year 6’s time with their Reception reading partners this week:

DSC09758 DSC09761 DSC09764 DSC09766 DSC09769 DSC09774 DSC09776 DSC09778 DSC09782 DSC09784

This week’s Home Learning letter is here.

Next week, we have our trip to Bletchley Park! Until then, enjoy your weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

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