Year 6 – 28/04/17

Year 6 have been continuing to work hard preparing for their SAT in May. This week Year 6 have looked at the post-Resurrection story of Doubting Thomas. Children were hot-seated to help them to empathise with Thomas when he needed to see the wounds of Jesus in order to believe that He had indeed risen.


Following last term’s Past Pupil day interview, the children wrote reports about the interview that was conducted with Mrs O’Keeffe. Some of these have been put on the Y5/6 board in the hall.

The children created some beautiful pieces of watercolour art today, on the theme of New Life. These will be completed next week. Here are some pieces of work in progress:

P1120203 P1120204 P1120205 P1120206 P1120207

For Golden Time this week, Year 6 had the chance to share Reception’s new outdoor learning area. It’s a fantastic space and as usual it was a joy to watch the Year 6s interact so nicely and responsibly with their young buddies.

P1120182 P1120178 P1120180 P1120184 P1120187 P1120189 P1120196 P1120197 P1120200 P1120202

Once again, the Science Club and Geology Club were leading hands-on sessions with children from the younger years. I have seen the planning and preparation that goes into the sessions, and it is fantastic to see such effort being put in.

P1120163 P1120167 P1120171 P1120177

For this week’s home learning breakdown, click here.

See my last blog post for the links to the SPaG revision – click here.

For the powerpoint about tips and techniques for the reading test, click here.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday.

Miss Dontantonio

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