Year 6 – 26/11/21

Year 6 were lucky enough to welcome a scientist into the classroom this week to help us in our learning about refraction of light. Dr Alan from University College London showed us what happens when a prism refracts light; we were all amazed to see rainbows projected onto the ceiling and around the room! This helped us to understand that white light contains all the colours of the rainbow, but this spectrum is only visible when the light bends (refracts) through a transparent object such as a prism and the different wavelengths of each colour mean that the colours separate slightly. So it seemed very fitting that this morning when the rain came at break time, they were able to explain that the raindrops were acting as prisms and refracting the sunlight that was shining through them!

The children then tried this out for themselves by creating a rainbow discs which, when spun extremely quickly, merge to appear white!

Your home learning for this week is to learn the songs for the Advent Service and your own parts. You can find lyrics and YouTube links to songs here.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Donatantonio