Year 6 – 24/11/17

In Science this week, we learnt about and modelled the 4 components that make up blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0314

In English, the children have been busy writing and editing recounts from Traction Man’s perspective, with the target being to convey the egotistical personality of the character. Some wonderful language has been used and the resultant pieces of writing have an excellent humorous tone to them.

Maths has been all about developing fraction sense by becoming more confident and fluent when thinking about fractional magnitude.

We joined forces with Year 5 in PE this week and took advantage of the good weather by working on different athletics skills outside.

IMG_0322 IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0337 IMG_0340 IMG_0346 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0353 IMG_0355

The class enjoyed seeing their framed artwork being exhibited in the hall on Friday afternoon and appreciated looking at what masterpieces the other classes had also produced.

IMG_0358 IMG_0363 IMG_0366 IMG_0367 IMG_0368

As always, the children ended the week spending time with their Reception reading partners. It really is such a pleasure watching them interact so amazingly with their buddies.

IMG_0370 IMG_0373 IMG_0375 IMG_0377 IMG_0378 IMG_0379 IMG_0381

Home learning letter is here.

The Advent Service script is here. I haven’t yet added the names of who’s reading what, but I’m sure most of you remember which part I’ve given you. I will aim to re-upload when I’ve got round to adding the names.

Well done for your hard work as usual this week. Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

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