Year 6 – 23/11/18

There has been a lot going on in Year 6 over the past couple of weeks! Last week was Parliament Week as well as Anti-Bullying Week. To celebrate Parliament Week, we welcomed to our classroom local Councillor Peter Knell and his wife June, who are former mayor and mayoress of Hertsmere. We also learnt about the Suffragette Movement and recognised that it is 100 years since women first had the right to vote. Another aspect of Parliament Week was learning about the similarities and differences between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and the children even got to dress up as clerks, speakers and MPs!

For Anti-Bullying Week the class participated in a workshop which explored emotions and how we might act in different scenarios. The children also made anti-bullying posters with their Reading Partners.

The Healthy Living Group introduced a competition to the school last week whereby each class has to bring in the widest selection of fruit. There was a fantastic team effort from Y6 and together we collected 21 different fruits; we then enjoyed these as a healthy snack on Friday afternoon.

6 children represented the school by participating in cross country at Queenswood School and did brilliantly – well done!

This week, the House Captains went to the graves of three local men who fought for our country during World War One. They laid cards made by the rest of the school, thanking them for what they did, then they went up to the war memorial next to Oakmere Park and found where the three men’s names were engraved. Thank you to Mrs Lines for organising this and taking them out.

In Science this week, we learnt about the circulatory system and acted out the journey of a red blood cell as it delivers oxygen to the body.

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 27th November) is as follows:

English Schofield & Sims English Skills : Section 1 Test 4 – to be completed in pink Home Learning book
Spellings Commonly confused homophones (see below for word list) – spelling sentences to be written in pink Home Learning book.

Times tables

Mathletics tasks linked to the past fortnight’s learning on fractions.


Continue to revise all times tables and to use

Reading Continue to use

Daily reading, with parent signature once a week.

Spelling list (to be tested Friday 30th November)

Commonly confused homophones

to too
two their
there they’re
which witch
were where
your you’re
who’s whose
hear here