Year 6 – 21/09/18

(Please find Home Learning instructions at the end of this post).

There was great excitement this afternoon as Y6 met their Reception Learning Partners for the first time! They spent their time getting to know each other by reading and playing together in the Reception outdoor learning area. It was wonderful to see the Y6s acting so kindly and maturely with their partners; it is clear that they are going to be excellent role models to them for the year. Here they all are!

DSC04377 DSC04380 DSC04381 DSC04384 DSC04386 DSC04387 DSC04389 DSC04391 DSC04395 DSC04397 DSC04401 DSC04403 DSC04407 DSC04409 DSC04415 DSC04417 DSC04419 DSC04421 DSC04423 DSC04425 DSC04427 DSC04429 DSC04431 DSC04433 DSC04435 DSC04441 DSC04443 DSC04445 DSC04449 DSC04450 DSC04452 DSC04457 DSC04458 DSC04460 DSC04462 DSC04465 DSC04469 DSC04474 DSC04476 DSC04477 DSC04481 DSC04483DSC04470In other Y6 news this week, the class were given their badges in assembly for their new leadership roles. Well done also to the Y6s who led the reading in our whole school mass. They also had their first taste of SATs papers, with which they coped very well. In PE, we carried on honing our dodging skills as part of our Invasion Games unit.

DSC04369 DSC04371 DSC04373 DSC04374 DSC04375

I am looking forward to seeing your evacuee costumes on Tuesday for our WW2 trip! Have a great weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 25th September) is as follows:

English Schofield & Sims English Skills : Section 1 Test 1 – to be completed in pink Home Learning book
Spellings Words from the Y3/Y4 and Y5/Y6 Statutory Spelling word lists – spelling sentences to be written in pink Home Learning book. See below for this week’s spellings. The children also have 2 envelopes – one containing this week’s words and one empty one. Once they feel they are secure with a word from Envelope 1 (short-term memory), they put it into Envelope 2 (long-term memory). I could test them on their long-term memory words at any time, and they will be revisiting them in class. If they misspell a word that they’ve put into Envelope 2, it goes back into Envelope 1.

Times tables

Mathletics tasks:

·         Nearest Whole Number

·         Nearest 100

·         Nearest 1000

·         Rounding Numbers

·         Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000

·         Dividing by 10, 100, 1000

Reading Spend at least half an hour on

Daily reading. Reading Records are on order.


Spelling list (to be tested Friday 28th September)

Words from the Y3/Y4 and Y5/Y6 Spelling Lists

especially frequently
immediately sincerely
accidentally actually
occasionally probably
therefore though
thought thorough
through rhyme
rhythm temperature