Year 6 – 20/03/20

Dear Year 6,

I am very much hoping that this hasn’t just been our final week as a class, but I want to thank you for everything you’ve brought to this class. Thank you for your continued efforts in all your learning – even during this turbulent week, you have shown such high focus during lessons. If we don’t end up coming back before the summer, then I would like to say how much of a privilege it has been to have taught all of you. Please take your kindness, your respect, your wit, your perseverance and your good humour to your new schools and teachers when the time comes in September, just as you have brought them to Pope Paul and to me. Or I might see you all in July; who knows?!

Thank you and God bless,

Miss Donatantonio


Here is what we’ve been doing in Year 6 this week.

On Tuesday, the children were put through their paces with an upper-body and cardio circuit training session!  

On Wednesday, our class garden – which will hopefully be a haven for butterflies once it grows – was weeded and planted. Thank you to Evie, Louise and Elysia for providing the plants and seeds for the garden.

Also on Wednesday, the children completed their science investigations which modelled how Darwin came up with his Theory of Evolution after observing that finches in the Galapagos Islands had different beaks depending on which island they inhabited.

On Thursday afternoon, we relaxed with some watercolour painting. Look at the beautiful river landscapes they created:

Today, we began the day with an act of worship outside. Thank you to the four boys who led us in prayer.

We ended the day with our Reception partners, firstly with an act of worship in the classroom, and then a disco!