Year 6 – 19/05/17

This week Year 6 carried out lots of investigations on their new science topic, Light. Laden with torches in our darkened classroom, the children investigated key concepts such as how to make a shadow larger or smaller, what happens when you shine a light through a prism, and how we see something in the dark. We will be exploring these ideas in more depth over the coming weeks.

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We continued on Friday by investigating if light travels in straight lines. The children were set the task of working in groups to create an obstacle course for a laser light, and it was wonderful to hear them discussing what modifications ought to be made for the beam to hit their target.

P1120351 P1120355 P1120358 P1120364 P1120368

In English, the children produced some fantastic pieces of writing based on the chilling short film, Alma. It was great to hear them speculating about the mysterious storyline, and they really worked hard to convey the tense atmosphere within their writing.

Excitedly wandering through the snowy streets, the winter wind sent a shiver down my spine. I kicked the soft, white blanket under my feet as the narrow streets loomed around me. – Ava H

The crystal-like snow was covering the rocky ground and there was no one in sight, except an innocent little girl. – Rosie

Joyfully skipping around town at my favourite time of year, I noticed a narrow alleyway with a doll shop in it. This was perfect. – Josh H

As I have written in the home learning letter for this week, my plan for maths between now and the end of term is to provide the children with lots of opportunities to practise using maths in everyday contexts. This will include investigations and projects that involve budgeting and building up more financial awareness, for example. As such, Year 6 began this week designing a lunar theme park with a budget of half a million pounds. In the coming lessons, we shall see whose theme park will be the most lucrative!

The excitement for the whole school this week was, of course, the making of the school mosaic as part of the 50 years celebrations. On Thursday, Year 6 got the opportunity to lay the pieces of tile for each of the four houses; St Vincent, St Bernadette, St Francis and St Louise. Everyone was excited for the grand unveiling on Friday afternoon, and I think everyone agrees that the finished piece is stunning.

P1120328 P1120331 P1120337 P1120339 P1120343 P1120346P1120377

Please click here for the home learning project to be completed over the coming weeks.

We’ll be doing lots of work on the Y6 production this week, so please continue to learn your lines.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

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  1. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    Fun whilst learning – what better combination?

    The Mosaics look stunning and it is wonderful for all the children to get the opportunity to be involved. These will stand the test of time and will be something the children will always remember.


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