Year 6 – 18/10/19

In history this week, we learnt more about life on the Home Front. The children experienced the air raid siren going off then learnt about the necessity of rationing food. They wrote diary entries about their reactions to rationing, compared propaganda posters, then made their own.

In science, we were learning about the smallest living things on earth: microorganisms. The children came up with their own questions about what factors might affect mould growth, then set up their own investigations with bread that will enable them to find out the answers after a week or two. Here are some of the questions that are being investigated:

  • Does mould grow better in the light or in the dark?
  • Does moisture cause mould to grow more?
  • Does mould prefer to grow in hot or cold conditions?

PE this week focused on basic hockey skills. The children learnt that they must keep their knees soft, keep the ball in front of them, use only the flat side of the stick and keep the stick touching the floor. They worked on changing direction with the ball and stopping a ball that is coming towards them.

This week’s art learning was using collage to create self-portraits. They will finish these off next week.

And finally, here are this week’s photos of some of the Year 6s with their reading partners:

Next week, Year 6 will be learning about Poland for One World Week, so check the blog next Friday to see the creative learning they will have produced!

The main part of this week’s home learning is to research Poland and to show this learning creatively. In addition to this, there are the following spellings to learn: