Year 6 – 15/09/17

Another week down, and Year 6 have been working hard on improving their writing skills. They have been planning, drafting and editing a diary entry based on our class novel Goodnight Mister Tom, and they will be writing these up for their portfolios at the beginning of next week.

For Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday, the children continued a story that Dahl had started but never finished, called The Eyes of Mr Croaker. They focused on conveying the humour and suspense that are characteristic of the author’s style.

This week’s history learning was on the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign on the Home Front during WW2. We looked at a typical week’s worth of rationing for a family of 4 and were surprised at how little it comprised! The children then made propaganda posters, encouraging people to plant fruit and vegetables, and planted their own tomato, pumpkin, strawberry, sweet pea, carrot and runner bean seeds.

IMG_0005 IMG_0007 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0018 IMG_0022 IMG_0023
In art, we looked at artist Henry Moore and particularly his art depicting people taking shelter in the London Tube stations during the Blitz. To prepare for next week’s task of recreating his “Tube Shelter Perspective”, we worked on the skill of creating the illusion of perspective.
IMG_20170915_185644 IMG_20170915_185729 IMG_20170915_185806

In PE, we continued our unit of circuit training, this time focusing on strengthening our core.

In science, the children experimented with putting different components into an electrical circuit, and then drawing them in their books using the correct symbols.

IMG_0030 IMG_0032 IMG_0036 IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0042 IMG_0044

This afternoon, the Year 6s met their Reception reading buddies and spent time getting to know them. They were wonderful with them and I know that they are going to be fantastic role models for their partners over the course of the year!

IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0089 IMG_0090

Homework Club was launched this week with an excellent turnout – click here for this week’s Home Learning letter.

The Spellzone link to this week’s spellings can be accessed here.

Enjoy your weekend 😊

Miss Donatantonio

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  1. Angela Baffa
    Angela Baffa says:

    The homework club is a great idea,Jess really enjoyed and I am sure she will really benefit from it . Thanks Miss Donantonio for organising it.

  2. Monica Charalambous
    Monica Charalambous says:

    Enzo and Corrado found the homework club really helpful and managed to get quite a bit done. It’s a brilliant idea. Thank you Miss Donatantonio.
    Y6 I think you are all going to be such good role models for your reading partners, I really enjoyed looking at the photos of you all with Reception, hope you really enjoy your year with them.


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