Year 6 – 12/05/17 SATs week

I would like to begin by expressing my pride at how maturely Y6 approached their SATs this week. They all put in their best efforts and kept up the focus through all 6 tests. A huge well done to each of you.

After the SATS morning, the children spent Thursday afternoon making group graffiti pieces. They have brightened up our classroom no end!

P1120216 P1120218 P1120220 P1120221 P1120222 P1120223 P1120224 P1120225

On Thursday evening, I got a fright when I opened a box of potatoes that I’d had for a few months, to find that they were practically climbing out the box with the massive tentacle-like limbs that had sprouted from them, desperate to find light. Thus, we had a combined art and science lesson on Friday morning, observing the potatoes through still-life drawings, and discussing what had happened to them. We will plant them next week and see if they will still grow.

P1120270 P1120272 P1120274

Well done to Amelia B and Daniel for leading the school in the beautiful May Procession.

P1120243 P1120255

Children, please practise the following lines for the relevant part you’re going to audition for:

  • Deadeye – p.6 “I’ll tell you a story…” until “…Well, that is, until now”.
  • Pearl/Liza/Jack – p.11-12 “Did you hear what….” until “Your father always said so.” FOLLOWED BY song on page 24 “Beneath The Same Starry Sky”.
  • Scuttle/Slack – p.18 “Cockles and muscles!” until “You’re all cockle and no muscle!”
  • Hornhonker/Cod – p.15 “Ah, Captain Cod, I presume” until “I’m going to have to get used to all these new technical terms!”
  • Baggywrinkle/Blunderbus/Barnacles/Bullyrag/Broadside/Bilboe/Bilge – p.12-14 “Where’s the safe?” until “Aargh, you fool!”
  • Redbeard/Squawk – p.22 “Squawk, my feathery friend” until “Where do you usually go?” FOLLOWED BY (for Redbeard) song on p.31 “Piratical Style” verse 1
  • Wally/Pratt – p.25 “Well, Captain Cod, we’ve done…” until “You seem to be infested with…”
  • Lofty/Cutthroat – p.16-17 “Lofty, sir” until “No, I mean we haven’t got enough hands.”
  • Fathom/Fender/Ping/Pong/Wiff/Waff/Tick/Tack/Toe – p.40-41 “It’s the natives!” until “In the sea of Sciatica!”
  • Louie – p.22 “Captain Redbeard, the crew are unsettled” until “Look lively, you scurvy dogs!”

Here’s the link to the video of it we watched earlier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXC6X_JCbBY

Please comment below if you’re confused about anything for the auditions, and I’ll try and clarify asap.

Have a very restful weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

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    • Miss Donatantonio
      Miss Donatantonio says:

      For Fiddlesticks, please can you practise the rat chase towards the bottom of p.25 (underneath where it says Rat Music #3)? Also, for people auditioning for a rat part, that will be the same scene. Hope that’s clear!

  1. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    The Graffiti art looks great – I shall look forward to seeing these.

    The potato ‘tentacles’ are HUGE! like some form of alien life!

    The May Procession was particularly beautiful this year. Well done to Year 6 for leading it so respectfully.


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