Year 6 – 09/11/18

First week back and Y6 were straight back into it with their class mass. Despite having so little time to prepare, you did yourselves proud: well done to the readers for spreading the message of remembrance so clearly and compassionately; well done to the musicians for adding so much colour to our liturgy; well done to the servers for carrying out your role so diligently; well done to each and every one of you for your reverent and spirited participation. It made an excellent start to the new half term.

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We have also jumped straight into our new English unit, which is a whole-school focus on the text Weslandia. Yesterday, we hot-seated some of the characters from the book in preparation for next week’s task of writing a journalistic report on the event.

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This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 13th November) is as follows:

English Schofield & Sims English Skills : Section 1 Test 3 – to be completed in pink Home Learning book
Spellings Words from the Y5/Y6 Statutory Spelling word lists (see below for word list) – spelling sentences to be written in pink Home Learning book. The children also have 2 envelopes – one containing this week’s words and one empty one. Once they feel they are secure with a word from Envelope 1 (short-term memory), they put it into Envelope 2 (long-term memory). I could test them on their long-term memory words at any time, and they will be revisiting them in class. If they misspell a word that they’ve put into Envelope 2, it goes back into Envelope 1.

Times tables

Mathletics tasks:

·         Highest Common Factor

·         Lowest Common Multiple

·         Prime or Composite


CHALLENGE: Can you create a loop card game for 30 players to practise factors and multiples?


Continue to revise all times tables.

Reading Minimum of 30 minutes on

Daily reading, with parent signature once a week.


Spelling list (to be tested Friday 16th November)

Words from the Y5/Y6 Spelling List.

accommodate accompany
according committee
community communicate
interfere interrupt
occupy occur (past tense = occurred)
aggressive apparent
appreciate attached
correspond embarrass

REMINDER – if you have any rucksacks at home that you no longer use, we would be grateful if you could put it in the washing machine and bring it into school on Monday for the Caritas collection.

Also, we have run out of tissues in the classroom. As we approach cold season, it would be very much appreciated if each child could bring in a box. Thank you to those who sent in tissues last half term; having them in the classroom is less disruptive than children having to ask to leave the classroom to get a tissue from the toilets.

Have a very enjoyable weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

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