Year 6 – 01/07/22

In between rehearsing hard for our production (which is beginning to sound amazing!), Year 6 have been enjoying sewing their mobile phone cases and playing rounders.

Last week, the children were once again fantastic with their Reception buddies as they made games and obstacle courses for them.

Please continue to practise lines and songs (along with dance moves), and to bring in any props and costumes on Monday so that we can start doing full dress rehearsals!

Song 1 – Go For Gold (p.18):

Song 2 – The Truce (p.24)

Song 3 – Zeus (p.27):

Song 4 – Zeus Rap (p.29):

Song 5 – Milo (p.33):

Song 6 – Champion (p.35):

Song 7 – Champion (Reprise) (p.43):

Song 8 – Celebrate (p.45):

Song 9 – Go For Gold (Reprise) (p.47):

Enjoy your weekend 😊

Miss Donatantonio

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