Year 5 Learning for Polling Day

Good morning, Year 5. Here is your learning for today:

Mathletics Number and Place Value test

Add and Subtract Written test

Add and Subtract Decimals test

Multiply and Divide Written test Grammar – Y5 (A)

Grammar – Y5 (B)

Research an Olympic Athlete 1. Choose an Athlete:

  • Select an athlete who will be competing in the upcoming Paris Olympics. You can pick someone from any country and any sport.

2. Conduct Your Research:

  • Background Information:
    • Where is the athlete from? (City, country, and any relevant cultural or regional details)
    • What sport do they compete in?
  • Career Achievements:
    • Have they won any medals before? If so, which ones (Olympic, World Championships, etc.) and in which events?
  • Training and Preparation:
    • What does it take to become an Olympic athlete in their sport? Consider aspects like training routines, diet, mental preparation, and any unique challenges they face.
  • Personal Insights:
    • Include any other interesting facts about the athlete. This could be involvement in charity work, unique hobbies, or inspirational stories.

3. Present Your Findings:

  • Create a presentation or a report detailing your findings. You can use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Docs, a hand-written learning poster or any other format you prefer.
  • Your presentation should include:
    • Introduction: Brief overview of the athlete
    • Main Body: Detailed information organised into the categories listed above
    • Conclusion: Summarise why you chose this athlete and what you found most interesting about them

See you all on Friday.

Miss Donatantonio