Year 5 – 24/05/24 | Spirituality Week

This week was Spirituality Week, and Year 5, along with the whole school, participated in various activities aimed at fostering stillness and connection with themselves, nature, and God.

On Monday, Year 5 crafted prayer cards for the Year 1 children and exchanged them in the International Garden. Tuesday featured a session of Praying in Colour, a technique employing doodling and colouring to facilitate stillness and communication with God. Wednesday saw the class embark on a slow, guided walk through the outdoor area, observing nature’s diversity while fully engaging the senses to notice colours, textures, scents, and sounds.

Thursday involved Prayer Stations led by Year 6 leaders, offering quiet and reflective activities focused on diversity, unity, and peace.

Today, we concluded the week with a Mass celebrating the Feast Day of our patron, St. Paul VI.

With the conclusion of yet another half term, I wish everyone a restful week off, and I’ll see you in June!

from Miss Donatantonio 🌞

PS. We have our school trip to Bayfordbury Observatory on the first Thursday back, for which we need 1 more adult helper. If you are available to help, please let me know. Thank you.


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