Year 5 – 05/05/23

Coronation Fever is definitely upon us! This week, we enjoyed finding out about the royal line of succession, what King Charles’ interests are and how tomorrow’s Coronation will proceed. We discussed what the King’s priorities might be then wrote letters to him. We also made nature Coronation collages to link with His Majesty’s love for the environment.

We also decorated Coronation cookies with the Year 1s, before coming outside and celebrating with the whole school.

Aside from celebrating and learning about the Coronation, we also had a skateboarding session on Wednesday, which was enjoyed by all! The children learnt to jump on and off the skateboard, how to reposition their feet whilst moving on the board, and how to turn the board beneath them! Well done to everyone for giving it a go and especially to those that fell off and got straight back on again! Thank you to Miss Pringle for organising this.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and I’m looking forward to hearing all about how you celebrated the Coronation when I see you on Tuesday! 👑

Miss Donatantonio