Year 3 26.3.21

This week we have been learning about Jesus’ Passion (suffering) according to Mark’s Gospel and finding out more about Holy Week.  On Thursday, the class watched Year 5 and 6 read, sing and act out The Stations of the Cross from Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church. 

Throughout the week we have participated in several Lenten Charity events organised by the Year 6 house captains, which were a lot of fun.  We have worked hard in PE to develop out fitness, speed and awareness of space. We have also enjoyed using the jungle gym and continue to complete the daily mile – which the children are very enthusiastic about.


Thank  you for sending in the milk bottles – we have had a lot of fun making woolly mammoth models after reading the book, ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ – the children will bring them home after Easter as it was a little too wet outside this afternoon.  We have also created  Lenten gardens, which should bloom just in time for Easter.

Have a restful and blessed Easter holiday

Miss Pringle

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