Year 2 Blog – 20th November 2020

What is a scientist?

scientist is a person who studies or has expertise in science. A scientist tries to understand the world around us. Scientists make observations, ask questions and do extensive research work in finding the answers to many questions others may not know about.

Year 2 have been learning about the type of work scientists do. In particular we have looked at the work of the food scientist, Dr. Charlotte Armah. Dr. Armah leads experiments involving human volunteers to learn whether eating particular foods, especially broccoli, can protect us from diseases!

In Maths, we have been looking at measures. The children have been estimating and measuring using different scales as well as using standard and non standard units of measure.

As part of our anti-bullying week, Year 2 learnt how to identify bullying and the children created some wonderful posters. We also looked at the issue of cyber-bullying and what to do if something happens online.

On Sunday we celebrate The Feast of Christ the King. Year 2 made some beautiful crowns and thought very carefully about the type of King Jesus is.

Home Learning:

Spellings week 3

Mathletics: How full? Ordering lengths. Which measuring tool?

Nativity: Please start to learn your lines.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Davey