Year 2 Blog 18-12-2020

What a fun and busy week it has been! We had our popcorn at the ready to enjoy the premiere screening of our KS1 Christmas Nativity – Children of the World. We hope you all enjoyed it as well! We couldn’t help but sing along!

It was like a scene out of Santa’s workshop in Year 2 this week. Everybody was busy making their needlepoint designs. We have definitely perfected the running stitch, cross stitch and back stitch!! We also had time for some cooking this week. We washed, peeled, chopped and roasted our allotment potatoes and onions. Simply delicious.

It was wonderful to come together for our special Christmas dinner. Everyone was full of festive cheer. With our glow sticks at the ready, we danced away the afternoon.

As the wonder of Christmas surrounds you, may your spirit be renewed with special joy at the miracle of his birth.

Thank you for your generous gifts and beautiful cards.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Miss Davey

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