Year 2 Blog 04-12-2020

This week was National Tree Week!

Year 2 have been learning how trees are a very important part of our ecosystem. They take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and put out oxygen. We thought of all the kinds of wildlife, like birds, bugs, and squirrels as well as other kinds of plants that live in or on trees. Without trees, countless animals would lose their homes or sources of food. Year 2  decided to do some wonderful observational drawings of the trees in our Peace Garden.

In Geography, the children worked together to create their own models of a waterfall. We used the Victoria Falls in Zambia as our inspiration.

The children also compared the weather and climate of Antarctica with Zambia and then created a beautiful Antarctic scene complete with Emperor Penguins.

Home Learning:

Spellings – week 5

Nativity – Please continue to rehearse your lines for the Nativity.

Thank you for your generous donations to our class hamper.

Have a peaceful weekend,

Miss Davey