Year 1 Week ending Friday 9th October

It has been an exciting week in Year 1 with a visit from Father Shaun on Tuesday. Father Shaun spoke to the class about baptism and then the children had great fun baptising babies, making baptismal candles and writing about the event. Karate followed on Wednesday; Michael our instructor was very impressed with the concentration and focus of the children. Well done!
As Mrs Carey is not able to be in school at the moment, Year 1 have been taught by members of the senior Leadership Team; Mrs Joyce, Miss Pemberton, Mrs McNamara and myself supported by our Learning Support assistants, Mrs Vieyra and Mrs Hilton. It was a joy to explore our River story book with the class on Thursday. We focussed on what they could see out of the window and then they explored what they would like to see out of their own windows at home. Some created a seaside scene and others built lego houses, snowy mountains and planes!
Please enjoy the photos! Have a lovely weekend! We are missing you Mrs Carey!!
Mrs Heymoz

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