Year 1 week 3 w.b. 18.09.2021

Week 3 w/b 20.09.2021

Today and this weekend is very special for all at Pope Paul and the Parish as we share in celebrations for the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul. Fr Shaun celebrated our Welcome mass today and the children joined in and sang beautifully- well done.

We have had a fantastic week learning through our outside and natural environment and enjoying what God has gifted us. The trees proved to be the perfect texture for rubbings to create our tree trunk to our autumn display wall.


We were designing another tree this week- a birthday tree! We decorated leaves and added our names and birthdays to the display as we celebrate growing together in our Year of Growth.

Our role play represents our learning in Science as we have converted it into a doctor’s surgery so we have opportunities to develop our knowledge of the human body and how to care for it. We have created eye charts and even an X-ray machine!

Our big question in Science this week-

‘Does the tallest person have the largest feet?’ We worked well in partners to explore this question and structured our answers using scientific vocabulary as we learnt about predictions and then recording results.

We had a go at making playdough this week so we can use it to create shapes in maths but it didn’t end up lasting. If anyone wants to give it a go at home and has a successful playdough recipe, then please feel free to share! Luckily Ms Gymer came to our rescue with a ‘here’s one I made earlier!’ Phew!

Thank you for your generous contributions to our class garden. It took lots of energy and muscles to weed the garden and the next day we planted our new winter bedding plants.

We started work on our Fairy Garden area which is now waiting on a few stones for a path and some furniture. Hopefully the fairies will visit soon!

Home learning

  • To enjoy the natural environment and notice how it is changing as we begin our autumn season. Can you collect autumn objects from your environment for our nature table? Perhaps you would like to create a piece of art based on autumn and bring it to show us and hang on our new display tree.
  • A number formation sheet was sent home with your child today to see which digits they are forming. Please encourage one digit per square and this is how they will be writing it in their books.
  • We have now read a new book with every child in class and they will be coming home today with their books. We will aim to change books on your child’s reading day but there may be times where we could be running a day ahead or behind due to potential changes in the school day so please ensure the book is in your child’s bag every day so we can get ahead or catch up when needed.

*Photos next Friday so please wear the correct full school uniform.*

Have a restful weekend,

Miss Lambie



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